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SCS: Eco Moyo

Architects: The Scarcity and Creativity Studio 
Location: Kilifi District, Kenya 
Design Team: Mina-Matilde Håøya, Kevin Kuriakose, Seppe Claes, Lena-Marí Nordli, Laura Brasé, Miquel Benedito Ribelles, Katherine Bylett, Bao Trung Mai, Jingyi “Birdy” Xu, Maria Lagging, Bianca Suárez Steckelmacher 
Photographs: The Scarcity and Creativity Studio 
Drawings & Illustrations: by Kevin Kuriakose unless otherwise noted

Eco Moyo is an educational Community Based Organisation located in Ezamoyo in Kilifi county, Kenya, providing free Montessori based education to children from poor families. Eco Moyo asked The Scarcity and Creativity Studio, AHO to design and build two classrooms on their new site. The Scarcity and Creativity Studio  (SCS) spent 5 weeks in Eco Moyo building the classrooms for 20 students each, with adjoining pergolas which shade the outdoor teaching areas. 

The design process was developed using a pyramidal structure starting with twelve individual concepts, and then democratically eliminating and merging the ideas. Finally, one project was selected to be designed and built by the studio with everyone being allotted various tasks. My role in the project primarily consisted of roof detailing, structural analysis using an engineering software called Sofistik with help from a qualified structural engineer and creating most of the presentation drawings and illustrations. 

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