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This project was done together with Søren Bundgaard Holm based on work on urban ecology and biodiversity done by me in the previous semester. The main challenge of our project was how to design and plan an area that will boost biodiversity and contribute to the green infrastructure of the city. 

The project is a housing project located in Sydhavnskvarteret, Aarhus. The main focus of Gartneriskolen is to provide residency programs to people who want to learn about urban nature and urban horticulture. We imagine the program to be state funded as it is a vocational training program in the model of a produktionsskole.


It was envisioned as a building that seeks to complete a green link through the city that would help increase biodiversity, leading to a more resilient urban ecosystem. We achieved this through creating various biotopes and unique microclimates and growing areas that are designed as part of the building. The housing project will also produce various interventions that help green the city and improve our understanding of nature. 

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